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Transmission Repair in Nome, Alaska

Professional Automatic and Manual Transmission Services

Here at Trinity Sails and Repair in Nome, Alaska, we consider ourselves experts in all areas of a vehicle. One of the most influential pieces in a car’s performance is the transmission. In simplest terms, the transmission is what takes the power generated from the engine and delivers it to the wheels. In turn, it facilitates your vehicle to move forward. Most cars come with either an automatic transmission or a manual transmission; the continuously variable transmission (CVT) is also widely used, but is not as common. The main difference between automatic/CVT and manual is that the latter requires driver input to function. For a manual transmission to operate, it takes a series of precise and calculated movements involving the gear shifter, clutch, brake, and accelerator. Here in our auto repair shop, we have experience working with all transmission types. If you find yourself in need of transmission repair, or if you have any questions, come on out!