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Suspension Repair in Nome, Alaska

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All vehicles are designed with a suspension. The suspension is not just one component, however. It is a system of components that work together to operate correctly, located between the frame of the vehicle and the ground. These pieces include coil springs, shock absorbers, struts, rods and linkages, ball joints, bearings, and bushings—plus a few more. The role of a suspension system is quite simple—to smooth out your ride! The suspension is what absorbs bumps and other road flaws to create a seamless, agile, and controlled driving experience for those inside. Not only that, but it also provides support in the vehicle’s total weight. Every piece involved is responsible for a specific job. The shocks, for example, help the coil springs absorb the varying impacts of the road. They also help keep the tires in proper contact with the road, especially after traveling over a bump. The suspension system isn’t invincible, however, which means problems can arise. Here at Trinity Sails and Repair in Nome, Alaska, we are experts when it comes to all types of suspension systems, and therefore, all suspension repair services!