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Auto Bumper Repair in Nome, Alaska

Do You Know Why the Bumper Is Important?

Here at Trinity Sails and Repair in Nome, Alaska, we believe that every single piece of a car matters. Whether it be as small as the AC system knob or as large as the engine, every part has its purpose. One component that often gets overlooked is the bumper. All vehicles come standard with a front and rear bumper. Bumpers are important because they are your first line of defense when in a collision or an accident. Not only do they absorb the impact energy, which also lessens the force of impact and effect on the individuals inside, but they also protect a car’s more delicate items. These include the grille, head and tail lights, hood and trunk, engine, radiator, cooling system, exhaust, and more. A car’s bumper can be aluminum, rubber, plastic, or even steel, and you can bet that we have the knowledge and experience to repair each and every type. If yours becomes compromised, whether a small dent or total detachment, consult our team for professional auto bumper repair!