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Auto Body Shop in Nome, Alaska

We Fix All Types of Auto Cosmetic Damage

To put it simply, a lot of different situations can cause damage to the exterior of your vehicle, warranting a visit to our auto body shop. Whether it be a heavy hail or snow storm, high winds that toss objects around, weather changes, the passage of time, encounters with animals on the road… we’ve got your back no matter what. In general, vehicles are designed and engineered to withstand many occurrences of daily driving, but if something hits at just the right angle or with enough force, cosmetic—and sometimes structural—damage can result. Rest assured that we take care of it all, from a small ding to a smashed bumper. Exterior damage comes in varying forms, such as dents and dings, paint scratches or chips, rust and corrosion, varying sizes of dents, and windshield cracks and chips. With our skilled team and our advanced tools, we are able to perform any type of auto body repair here at Trinity Sails and Repair in Nome, Alaska.