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Diesel Repair in Nome, Alaska

Understanding the Service and Repair Needs of Diesel Engines

Here at Trinity Sails and Repair, we have experience working with gasoline and diesel vehicles. A gasoline and diesel engine are both internal combustion engines (ICE), but their process of combustion is where they differ. A diesel engine compresses the air prior to fuel injection, and then ignites the fuel, whereas a gasoline engine mixes the air with fuel prior to compression. A diesel engine is the preferred engine choice for heavier vehicles, such as heavy- and light-duty trucks and vans, but it is also found in select SUVs and cars. Not only do diesel engines produce a higher torque rating, which results in higher towing and hauling capabilities, but they also offer a better fuel economy compared to gasoline engines. At our auto repair shop in Nome, Alaska, we are thoroughly trained and experienced in providing diesel repair services for all makes and models. If you start to experience strange noises, trouble starting, or black exhaust smoke, come on in!