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Auto Glass Repair in Nome, Alaska

Qualified Glass Specialists and Efficient Processes

We are no strangers to the cold weather and gravel roads here in Nome, Alaska, but sometimes, we forget just how detrimental these can be to our vehicles. One prime example is glass. Glass can crack when it experiences a drastic change in temperature, and it can chip when a flying piece of rock or gravel hits it at the right angle and with enough force. Cracks and chips are the two most common types of auto glass damage, with each featuring their own subset of variations. For example, there are bulls-eye chips, half-moon chips, and combination break chips. In terms of cracks, there are edge, floater, stress, long, and star types. Glass can also become compromised with hail, heavy snow, pressure changes, and sunlight; its construction and installation can also play a role in how well it stands up over time. We see many types of vehicle glass damage here at Trinity Sails and Repair, but we have the knowledge and the tools necessary to repair your front windshield, rear windshield, door windows, and sunroof with our diverse range of auto glass repair services.